Helmet From chevron souvenirs

Helmet From chevron souvenirs

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 Aluminum helmets that we make with Oval-shaped helmet models (with brims surround the helmets) and we compose them with carvings in accordance with the custom design to suit the tastes of consumers, so that it makes its own satisfaction for the customer, as well as a very memorable and special souvenirs.
The carved design of this carved helmet follows the design of the consumer, such as: company logo, person name and year of office located on the front, and the sea ring on the left side of the helmet and the right side of the land rig helmet.  As for the sweetener stuffing, such as: lotus long batik, we fill in according to the craftsmanship of each craftsman

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These aluminum oval souvenir souvenirs are only in our store: www.tokoperakkotagede.com, which has been proven to be a lot of repeat orders from consumers who love carved helms.

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